Stacy & Steve : October 23rd, 2004



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Will Peterson, Best man

Steve and Will were roomies for 6 years! After a guy's trip to Cancun, Will met his beautiful bride Ashley. Since Ashley lived in Texas she would often visit, we always knew when she was coming into town because Will's room and car would magically appear clean overnight! Haha! Ashley and Will are now happily married and recently purchased a gorgeous home in Highland Village, Texas.
Brett Dunst, Groomsman

Steve and Brett became been best buds when Brett moved to Anaheim Hills with Tammy. Brett works for DreamHost doing Marketing and Web Design. Many thanks to Brett and Tammy for this awesome and kickin' website! They created and designed this entire site! You truly are an amazing web guru!!! Go Gin and Juice!!! (Brett's favorite)
Bassel Salloum, Groomsman

Bassel is a successful, motivated and determined businessman. He has been married to Erin for 8 years and has 3 very handsome sons. Bassel is a wonderful father and lives his life to the fullest! Steve and Bassel have been friends for 11 years now.
Jim Sinclair, Groomsman

Jim and Steve have been friends for 12 years and have had many late nights partying together. Jim has been married to Kerry for 8 years and has 3 beautiful daughters! At least one of the Sinclair girls will marry a Salloum boy! : Jim enjoys his vet' and throwing great parties!