Stacy & Steve : October 23rd, 2004



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Kim Eagle, Matron of Honor

Kim, Stacy's sister and matron of honor lives in Conway, Arkansas. Stacy visited Arkansas every summer to see her sister and nephews, Phillip and Steven (now 19 & 21). We have remained very close and best of friends throughout the years. You would never think that there is thousands of miles between us by the way we chat on the phone, however; our phone bills prove it!
Lisa Schrieber, Maid of Honor

Lisa and Stacy have been friends since the 10th grade. Being in chamber singers together at Mater Dei brought us very close. Lisa has a phenomenal operatic voice and can literally break glass!!! She often took bribes and money to hit a high note…Vaaaaaa…..In our early twenties, the weekends consisted of finding the best dive bar….We were roommates for a total of 3 years until recently. Lisa is a very strong person and has charisma like no other! Her smile and laugh are contagious! Lisa is also Bailey's (Stacy's poodle) godmother!
Denise Graziadio, Bridesmaid

Denise and Stacy have been great friends since the age of 4. They have been through dance class, Indian Princess', high school, college and many more happy and challenging times in their life. We see each other more like sisters than friends. As a kid, Denise was always the one getting hurt. From falling off a bunk bed, getting her fingers stuck between a rock water fountain and her bike, to landing in below freezing water because she was too short to swing on the rope- it was always an adventure!
Kelly McKane, Bridesmaid

As cousins, we obviously grew up together… But, Stacy and Kelly grew close and became good friends. Kelly has grown into a wonderful woman and a great mother to Mia Jay! Kelly's passion is Prince - "the music genius", says Kelly. She currently works for an aerospace company.
Melanie "Meldog" Garcia, Bridesmaid

Melanie was Stacy's first friend when she moved to Anaheim Hills. Melanie took Stacy "under her wing". After graduating high school, we became roommates and lived together for a total of 4 years. We had great get-togethers and will never forget Goldschlagger! Hehehe! Stacy coined the name Meldog, she is a very strong and energetic person whose passion is the gym.
Tamara Dunst, Bridesmaid

As Tammy's husband, Brett would say... "Tammy rocks the socks off the world." Tammy and Stacy became friends while working at Targus, Inc. We both have chosen Marketing as our career path. Many seem to think we are twins, the weird thing is we are so much alike. We often wonder if we were separated at birth! Tammy and Brett were married Aug. 24, 2003 and she was a beautiful bride!
Mia Jay Garcia, Flower Girl

Mia Jay is the most adorable little girl I have ever seen. Feisty and determined, this girl is hysterical! She definitely knows what she wants and has a personality fit to be a movie star! Nemo and Snow White are her favorite things!